A culmination of Volvo Group’s global processes and world class technology and Eicher’s frugal engineering and deep knowledge of developing markets.

Quality Systems

VECV’s Quality system are designed with the concept of “Build Quality in process” & ensured to infuse in the culture, in this “Eicher way” constructive values are defined with customer centric approach and inculcated these values across the organisation with the aim, everyone at every movement think towards the customer. As a part of that journey, the organisation had taken a step to enhance the quality through great initiative of CSI1 (Customer Satisfaction India No:1) in the year 2009. CSI1 conception is from UD trucks, Japan with concepts of Hoshin Kanri, i.e policy deployment in all processes of the organisation.

In CSI1, goal is an end customer satisfaction, with a slogan “Quality everywhere”, product quality, service and sales quality. Right from the design drawing board to the manufacturing processes and the service support, everything has been developed to provide higher performance based efficiency. Our design and manufacturing quality is ensured that all the trucks carry more payload, stay longer on the road and reach faster, thereby leading to greater productivity.

We ensure quality from input to output, design concept to vehicle launching stage, the well-defined GDP (Global Development Process) with gate concepts are being followed rigorously, over that, a system of Shoki Ryudo process is designed as gate clearance authorisations with proper evaluation on the progress at each level. After development stage each aggregate / vehicle is manufactured in controlled processes at various “in-process” gates. VECV also brings customer approach in manufacturing processes, a special team will verify the vehicles with “customer eye” before dispatching from plant and this process is defined as CS VES – customer vehicle evaluation system.

Over all at organisation level from supplier to vehicle build, endorse various controls to ensure the consistency, VECV supports / upgrade the supplier at every stage through SIP (supplier Improvement Program).

VECV is certified TS16949 and ISO14001 systems for manufacturing & supporting facilities, way forward VPS (Volvo Production Systems) implementation is in progress.

As a part of “Build Quality in process”, excellent and global level manufacturing with many inbuilt fool proof systems are developed, completely new chassis and assembly line is also geared to balance high technology with frugal engineering. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes which include a cab weld shop with robotic welding, CED paint shop etc.