Eicher PRO Series is a range of next generation trucks and buses with modern design and futuristic engine technology and cabin features, that is uses in the Future Of Indian Trucking.

International Business

International Business

The Growth Story

Today, 'Exports' is metamorphosing into ‘International Business’ as a distinct and wholesome operation with presence in over 20 countries and overseas exports volume having crossed 35000 nos. with clocking highest ever sales in 2015 at 5800+ units.

Eicher has seen a significant growth in export business this year with specific market initiatives including Implementation of new sales processes, Intensified marketing activities, Strengthened feet on the street, Customer Value Proposition establishment in South Asia markets, Building market proximity through local presence in key markets, New products introduction, training and competence development.

With a record-breaking performance this fiscal, VECV International Businesshas registered an impressive growth with share of Exports from India at 14.5% + and exports business volumes constituting 15% of total company’s volumes. Considering the global ambitions VECV has set for itself, this is clearly just the beginning

Key Highlights - 2014

  • Ever highest Volume 5800 nos. plus, Ever highest Market Share 14% plus, Ever highest Parts sales with ever highest penetration
  • Ever highest HD sales 1900 plus at 11.5% plus.
  • Ever highest sales in 7 countries – Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and Mozambique.
  • Africa and Middle East crosses 1000 plus sale – ever highest sale.
  • First Overseas Technical Training School established in Bangladesh.
  • Clarification of project orientation for South Africa and other AME countries
  • First Pro Series Launch conducted outside India in Bangladesh with around 750 plus customers.
  • Organizations beefed-up for enhanced customer connect activities.

A Synchronized Strategy

A large part our success today has come through our well defined strategy to improve our position in the neighboring markets like Bangladesh where we have established a strong brand presence with our share of export from India at 23% where we have managed to defend our 40% MS in LMD with the next milestone to strengthen our presence in HDT segment with current share hovering at 16%. Eicher has over the years earned an brand image of strong & robust player and living to this reputation, we recently swept the stage carrier route permit segment with supply of 475 bus cowls for intra city bus transportation The new products launched including LMD Tippers, MAV, HCB and Pro Series launchthis year, VECV is embarking on a journey to consolidate its presence across segments .

In collaboration with our Bangladesh distributor, we have setup a state of the art Service Training Centre for imparting workshop staff and driver training at local level. This is first of its kind of Service Training Centre for Export Aftermarket and will go a long way in improving the skill levels and productivity of local technicians thereby further adding to Customer Satisfaction.

The establishment of first Market Company overseas in Srilanka last year is yet another step in the direction to bolster our presence through a wider network coverage and product range. With over 400 trucks, buses and application trucks seeded in the country by Market Company, our market share has improved steadily to 6% in 2014. The increased levels of brand visibility and awareness coupled with improved network coverage has aided in achieving market leadership in Terra 25 RMC & 7 Ton bus segment amongst Indian bus manufacturers.The planned introduction of HCB in 2015 will further strengthen our position in the country. Positioning our own people locally is being planned in the coming years in many markets to scale up our presence & market share.

Bespoke Products

To really break into challenging international markets, we need benchmark products in terms of performance, reliability and economics of operation.We have been focusing now on developing market specific products based on the local needs & operating conditions. The introduction of Limo Skyline buses & LMD trucks with factory fitted AC in Middle East to cater to high temperature & harsh climate conditions is with a larger objective to provide customized product solutions to cater to market needs. The planned introduction of Heavy Commercial bus for labor transportation in 2015 will help us to strengthen our presence in this segment which today accounts for over 75% of the vehicle exports from India. In many markets like Kuwait, Eicher has made good inroads with our population crossing 1000 units ably assisted with many initiatives by our local partners in tapping local opportunities backed up with excellent after-market support.

Marching Ahead

It is time now to consolidate our presence in these markets and start looking at making forays in the new and exciting geographies globally. With this clear objective, we are sharpening our focus and training our sights on more markets in Africa, Middle East and ASEAN. The success of start-ups in new markets essentially centers on strong network partners with market access and local knowledge. The global network of our JV partners “Volvo Group” will be leveraged fully to expand our presence in the unrepresented markets and a dedicated cross functional team is working closely to achieve synergy in this important area of network alignment. Large scales growth in AME & ASEAN region is being planned through APAC and AME organizations.With the availability of Next Generation Products starting 2015, VECV will leverage the distribution network strengths of Volvo Group through EMEA and APAC organizations for business expansion and scaling up its volumes.