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Eicher Live: Fleet Management System

What is Eicher Live:

Eicher Live is a fleet management system that allows the management of truck fleets by monitoring their movement, fuel consumption and maintenance needs. It offers granular views, at the level of a driver, a vehicle. Its a real time dashboard of your fleet, tracking the most important factors: whether fuel and time is being properly spent, and which trucks may be developing faults, thus allowing you to plan maintenance, It is an all new and smarter way of managing your fleet.

How it Works:

A fleet management system transmits real time data generated by the vehicle to a server, providing business critical actionable reports.

Fuel Efficiency in Real Time:

A significant component of operating cost is fuel. Linked directly to the engine management system, Eicher LIVE helps fleet managers monitor and improve fuel efficiency, saving significant costs.

Early Sensing of Engine Faults:

When the truck is moving on road and en-route it is profitable. Breakdowns, transit lags and other foreseen problems lower profits.
Eicher LIVE helps increase uptime. It identifies faults even before they occur, preventing unplanned stops. It also gives maintenance reminders to keep the fleet in operational readiness.

Beyond Track and Trace:

Increase efficiency by more powerful mapping to instantly oversee the entire fleet . Monitor trip history for the last three months, off-course deviations, max. speed, odometer readings and fuel levels.