The point of sale is just the beginning of the relationship, which is a commitment to partner the customer right through the entire life cycle of the vehicle.

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Eicher Genuine Parts come with the three-fold promise of - Reliability, Superior Performance and Availability.
Eicher Genuine Parts are manufactured exactly in accordance with the attributes as the part it is replacing, thereby, maximizing the performance of the vehicle. The Anytime, Anywhere! promise of Eicher Genuine Parts is our commitment to ensure that all your needs are met. These parts are designed to last longer adding more life to your vehicle, yielding more uptime and higher profits.

Parts Warranty
With a vision to reduce the perceived performance related issues as well as the financial risk to the customer, Eicher extends a warranty along with Eicher Genuine Parts. Eicher's warranty policy not only speaks of the quality and reliability that its part products bear, but also of its commitment to serve the customer to the best standards. The details of warranty period clause of Eicher's Parts Warranty Policy are mentioned under the Comprehensive Warranty section.

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Genuine Lubricants Range
Eicher Genuine Lubricants are recommended exclusively towards maintaining your Eicher truck's performance and good overall economy. Specifically tested for your truck, Eicher Genuine Lubricants uphold high standards of quality, performance and safety, and ensure extended service life for your truck as well as improved performance for the genuine parts.

Genuine Parts Range
Eicher Genuine Filters
Using Genuine Filters will ensure that vehicles last longer while delivering great performance. The product range includes:

Fuel Filters
A fuel filter will ensure that undesirable dirt particles, such as dust, rust, water and deposits from the tank are caught, thereby ensuring that the engine performs optimally.

Oil Filters
The oil filter traps various pieces of dirt, metal and non-metal particles, soot and carbon deposits in the engine oil. An Eicher Genuine Filter not only ensures a regular supply of clean oil to the engine, the high quality standards also avoid a leak of unfiltered oil into the engine.

Air Filters
Eicher Genuine air filter ensures the input of clean air into the engine and also creates ideal operating conditions for the engine. A poor quality or excessively dirty air, if not filtered properly, can wear out engine components and adversely affect fuel consumption.

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