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Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Initiatives

Bridging the Gap

The automotive industry is one of the key drivers of the Indian economy. There is a significant gap between the skilled manpower requirements and the available talent pool in the industry. The problem is bound to aggravate with the entry of more vehicles, new component manufacturers, sophisticated and high technology products.

The company’s CSR program has been designed to meet this critical gap and is focused towards addressing the growing scarcity of technologically skilled manpower. The organization is establishing training centres across India on an 'Industry-Institute' collaborative model. With the setting up of these centres, the company would be implementing a critical action point of the automotive mission plan 2006-2016.

Till date, VECV has established three centres at the following places:

  • Ahmedabad in association with ITI Kubernagar
  • Mysore in association with National Institute Of Engineering
  • Mohali in association with Rayat-Bahra Education Group

The driving objective of this collaboration is to provide an understanding of the latest automobile technology and modern manufacturing techniques to the students who can be readily absorbed in the industry with minimum orientation and training.