Eicher PRO Series is a range of next generation trucks and buses with modern design and futuristic engine technology and cabin features, that is uses in the Future Of Indian Trucking.

Tourist Buses

Eicher Skyline LIMO, an AC Bus for the Tourist Segment has established new benchmarks in the bus industry. Aesthetic superiority, high passenger comfort & Economical performance have made this bus class apart. With a new offering in the 7.5 ton category with Direct drive AC and Push Back seats, Eicher Skyline LIMO is all set to redefine the travel for the the Tourist Segment.

School Buses

Eicher introduced "The First Safe School Bus" in India, developed in association with IRTE (Institute of Road Traffic Education) in the year 1996, thereby pioneering the concept of School Bus. The school bus specific features have now become a norm in the industry. Apart from being safest the school buses are now available in enhanced features, superior aesthetics & increased passenger comfort.

Staff Buses

Eicher buses have made staff commutation as comfortable as it can be. Aesthetic superiority, high passenger comfort & Economical performance has made this bus class apart. The faith of customers & industry is reflected with various industry rewards.

Route Permit Buses

Eicher Offers a wide range of chassis for Route permit (Stage Carriage) deployments. Eicher products are well suited for the unique requirement of the route permit application, which necessitates a frequent start-stop operation, overload and rugged usage.