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SEZ Pithampur
SEZ Pithampur
Address: Eicher Engineering Components
VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.

(A Volvo Group and Eicher Motors joint venture)
Plot Nos. A-1 to 3-B & C-51 to 56,
Phase - 1, Special Economic Zone,
Pithampur - 454775, Dist. Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, India
Tel. No.: +91-7292-426500
Fax No.: +91-7292-426524
Production Capacity: 10000 assemblies p.m.
Established in: 2009 (Greenfield facility)
Products: Driveline Aggregates (before Certification)
Certification: ISO 9001/2000
The plant is located in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh, INDIA manufacturing diverse varieties of custom made gearboxes as per demands of worldwide clientele.

The total area of the plant is approx. 38000 sq m and construction of about 2100 sq m has been done in such a way that in future, the same can be expanded to cater to the growing demand in this sector.

Significant features of the plant are as follows:
  • It has three assembly lines, one for Light Duty, second for Heavy Industrial Gear boxes and the third line for heavy Axles and Transmission assemblies
  • 100 % Dust Proof assembly line through Forced Draft Ventilation
  • Ergonomically designed assembly work stations with display of Assembly Operation sequence at each stage
  • Demag KBK Hoists & roller conveyors used for material handling
  • Legris make Aluminium pipe Compressed Air line with in-built Refrigerated Air Dryer Compressor (Atlas copco make)
  • Each assembly line is equipped with Leak Testing Machine (working on pressure drop principle) with pressure range of 0 to 2000 cc/sec and accuracy 0.1 % FSD
  • Painting Booth with Dry-Off Oven
  • Assembly line equipped with Millipore Kit to check cleanliness of components
  • Washing machines equipped with hot spray jet to wash Castings, Gear, & Shafts
  • Inventum induction heating machine for bearing heating
  • Fully equipped RQC area for incoming material inspection