Royal Enfield motorcycles, with their simple and uncomplicated design, have always been a medium of self-expression for riders and customisers, inspiring motorcycle sculptors to explore new frontiers of customisation. Royal Enfield’s technical team continues to dig Royal Enfield’s iconic history and combine them with new technology to express their creativeness on these timeless machines.

The Bonneville Racer

Setting new benchmark with the pursuit of speed and excellence

The Bonneville Racer by Royal Enfield is one of its most innovative customisation initiatives. Designed in collaboration with S&S Cycle and Harris Performance, the custom motorcycle is fitted with Royal Enfield’s all-new 650 Twin engine. While S&S Cycle contributed with engine design, and expertise in tuning motors and racing them at the Salt Flats, Harris Performance brought in their chassis designing expertise and Royal Enfield’s design team gave the brief.

The extraordinary custom hit a top speed of 157.053 mph (pending FIM certification) at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA, highlighting the twin-cylinder engine’s game-changing capabilities. The extraordinary feat was achieved by the dynamic and confident rider – Cayla Rivas. The Racer initially hit record speed of 132 mph without nitrous, but with the engine’s capabilities urged the team to push for more. Undertaking progressive gear ratio changes, wheelbase adjustment and other nips and tucks, the final top speed reached 159 mph, with a record return average at 157.053 mph.

The motorcycling way of self expression at Wheels and Waves 2018

The Royal Enfield marquee was abuzz at the seventh edition of Wheels and Waves as it hosted the unveiling three of its latest custom build motorcycles developed on its yet-to-be-launched twin-cylinder platform. Wheels and Waves is Europe's landmark annual surfing and motorcycling festival, held in Biarritz, France.

Royal Enfield staying true to the festival’s spirit, illustrated its ‘Pure Motorcycling’ expression with its three custom renditions – The Lock Stock, Rohini, and Interceptor on its new 650 Twin motorcycles.

Lock Stock – Royal Enfield

Base: Continental GT 650 Twin

The Lock Stock celebrates the re-birth of the twins, in the form of a factory built, speed-machine. It is developed in collaboration with Harris Performance and S&S Cycles, who bring in their expertise to unravel the true capability of the 650 motor, using it as a base and spinning it into an 865cc engine with nitrous injection.

Rohini – By Young Guns Speed Shop

Base: Continental GT 650 Twin

Rohini by Young Guns Customs’ was inspired by their interpretation of Royal Enfield and its brand image, and in a creative twist, an inspiration from India’s space programme and its Rohini satellites. The concept is a pure café racer – referencing the iconic Rickman's fairings. Its build has a hidden surprise. In the dark, a layer of reflective paint transforms the classic lines into a riot of Razzle Dazzle light, blurring the lines between being beautifully retro and wildly modern - the consummate Café Racer meets satellite.

The ‘Interceptor’ – By Old Empire Motorcycles

Base: Interceptor 650

This custom strips Interceptor 650 to its core and removes anything that's strictly not necessary, while hiding the essentials, exemplifying the old school customisation ethos. Its lowered stance and blacked motor hint at aggression hidden under the refined exterior.

Concept Kx prototype

Showcasing creativity, design and development capabilities with a perfect blend of innovative technologies and traditional craftsmanship

Royal Enfield, design and engineering teams in India and UK showcased the remarkable ‘Concept Kx’ prototype, a V-Twin motorcycle at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy in November 2018.

Inspired by Royal Enfield’s original 1938 Model KX – a mighty 1,140cc sidevalve machine that was advertised as 'the last word in luxury motorcycling'.

The Kx prototype developed reflects the popularity of 'retro-modern' motorcycles. The new prototype features original KX’s girder fork design (re-imagined in a high-tech 'blade' set-up) and a classic, pre-war headlamp casquette (revived in a modern way). The prototype emulates the 'negative space' of pre-war motorcycles for a clean, uncluttered look. The frame and airbox configuration serves as a stressed member of the machine and the seat unit is of a cantilever design.

The Concept Kx 2018 was a successful prototype development, taking the pride of place at the very front of Royal Enfield’s extensive stand at EICMA.