Gone in 178 seconds!

Royal Enfield sold 250 units of its limited edition ‘Classic 500 Pegasus’ in India on its website in under three minutes.

Royal Enfield’s history is deeply steeped in motorcycling pedigree and it has some iconic motorcycles that have been revered by enthusiasts across generations. In 2018-19, Royal Enfield introduced three new variants, inspired by their earlier avatars.

An ode to the Enfields in army service and to the armed personnel riding them

Royal Enfield is the preferred motorcycle of the Indian Armed Forces, and has been associated with them since the early 1950’s and continues to be their largest suppliers of given its reputation of making resilient, reliable and versatile motorcycles. As a tribute to this 65-year heritage, Royal Enfield introduced the Classic Signals 350 motorcycles that is inspired by the Enfields in service, and the men and women who ride them.

The motorcycle is launched in two colourways – Airborne Blue and Stormrider Sand, inspired by coveted units of Indian Armed Forces. It represents Royal Enfield’s pride of partnering with the men and women guarding the country’s skies and land.

The motorcycle, equipped with dual channel anti-lock braking system (ABS), stands-out complimented by its blackedout scheme on the engine, silencer, and wheels and a dark tan seat. It sports a distinctive stencilled number representing its production number on the tank, making it exclusive and one-of-its-kind. The motorcycle comes with an array of celebrated motorcycle legacy inspired Gear ranging from shirts, t-shirts, caps, lapel, pins, bags and helmet.

The Classic 500 Pegasus

Made like a gun, conceived as a tribute to the legendary World War II RE/WD 125 Flying Flea

The ‘Classic 500 Pegasus’ motorcycle is inspired by Royal Enfield’s legacy of ‘Made Like a Gun’, a pedigree of making resilient enduring motorcycle since 1901. It is a tribute to the legendary lightweight World War II era RE/WD 125 Flying Flea motorcycle which was an invaluable asset to the elite soldiers of the Parachute Regiment, being deployed extensively as a frontline combat machine. The Flying Flea became the first motorcycle to be dropped behind enemy lines from aircraft. On the ground, it was used for reconnaissance, communications and transporting soldiers into battle. These motorcycles have a legacy of witnessing action in some of the greatest battles including the D-Day and the Battle of Arnhem.

Inspired by this rich military heritage, the ‘Classic 500 Pegasus’ was produced in official association with the British Army’s Parachute Regiment as a collector’s edition motorcycle.

Bullet Trials Works Replica

Inspired by Royal Enfield’s legacy at Trials Championship

Royal Enfield has a long and proud history of building resilient and enduring motorcycles, with its iconic and legendary Bullet having the reputation of being the most rugged and the oldest (87 years) motorcycle in continuous production, globally. In this long history, the Bullet Trials motorcycle ridden by Johnny Brittain is the most unforgettable for its prowess over challenging terrains and Trials pedigree of winning over 50 championships between 1948-1965. Introducing the first-ever swinging arm suspension with oil damped shock absorbers in 1949, this model was also a tribute to Royal Enfield’s seminal design and engineering expertise; it changed the course of motorcycle design forever.

The history of Trials Championship can be traced back to the 1920's when motorcycle manufacturers used ‘reliability trials’ to demonstrate their machines’ tractability, manoeuvrability, and overall endurance, in the UK and across Europe.

Paying tribute to this rich history, to the legendary Royal Enfield factory riders’ team and to the prolific Trials Wizard Johnny Brittain, Royal Enfield introduced the Bullet Trials 2019. This model, with its distinctive design and functional features, perfectly captures the look-and-feel of the early 1950’s models and is redolent of the heyday of classic trials competitions. It packs modern features such as block tread pattern tyres for improved off road grip, reinforced handlebar with crossbrace, raised silencer for improved ground clearance and a dual channel ABS. It has trimmed mudguards, a single seat, luggage carrier and is made available with a set of five specific motorcycle accessories.

Royal Enfield introduces Antilock Braking System (ABS) in its motorcycles

With Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) Regulation in India mandating all vehicles above 125cc to be fitted with ABS (anti-lock braking system), Royal Enfield focussed on adopting this technology to enhance rider safety. The ABS technology helps prevent wheellocking under sudden application of brakes while maintaining traction with the road surface. It also decreases stopping distances in low friction conditions.

Undertaking a major transition in its product lines, Royal Enfield introduced ABS equipped motorcycles in 2018-19 ahead of schedule. It offers Dual Channel ABS (two separate braking circuits with independent sensors for each wheel, unlike single channel ABS) in its motorcycles for better braking efficiency.