In 2017-18, Royal Enfield extended its presence to 36 exclusive stores in international markets by adding 11 new exclusive stores to its global network.

The year saw Royal Enfield making entry into the new markets of Argentina in Latin American region and Vietnam in the South East Asia region. It continued to strengthen its presence in existing markets such as the UK, Thailand, France and Colombia. Though Royal Enfield has extensive presence in the mature European and North America markets, it is strengthening its network in the Latin American (LATAM) and South East Asian markets. These are markets with strong motorcycling culture and will be critical to its global expansion strategy.

As part of its continued international expansion strategy, Royal Enfield intends to create a robust ecosystem across all these key markets with its differentiated retail experience, aftermarket capabilities, rides and community events and other adjacencies that bring the brand experience to the fore.

Building the LATAM market

Royal Enfield, the fastest growing motorcycle brand globally, is focussed on building strong presence in the LATAM market. Royal Enfield opened its subsidiary in Brazil and now has a flagship store in the capital city of São Paulo. The subsidiary, Royal Enfield Brazil, is conducting all local market development and support activities such as marketing and aftersales.

Focussed on extending the legacy of the iconic Royal Enfield brand, Royal Enfield forayed into Argentina and opened its flagship store in the centre of its capital city - Buenos Aires. The city has a strong motorcycling community and culture that augurs for the Royal Enfield store. In Argentina, Royal Enfield will provide full range of services in this market including retail and aftersales, helping expand its footprint in Latin America.

Strengthening foothold in South East Asia

Royal Enfield entered the world's fourth largest motorcycle market, Vietnam, with a flagship store in Ho Chi Minh city. Royal Enfield will provide a full range of services in this market including retail and aftersales. Entry in Vietnam will significantly strengthen Royal Enfield's foothold in South East Asia. While the country already has great motorcycling culture, a few developments are shaping demand. The rising interest of tourists to explore the country on two-wheelers and the growing aspiration of the country’s large youth population, commuting on two-wheelers, to adopt the right medium of self-expression and exploration. These developments are unleashing immense demand for latest evocative motorcycles in Vietnam, making it an ideal destination for Royal Enfield.

Vietnam, Royal Enfield now has presence in three South East Asian markets with the other two being in Indonesia and Thailand. Royal Enfield has two exclusive stores in Indonesia at Jakarta and Bali and also an exclusive gear store in Jakarta. In Thailand, Royal Enfield has one exclusive store in Bangkok.