Royal Enfield has a unique motorcycle line-up to provide a differentiated experience and meet diverse customer expectations while retaining the core philosophy of keep riding pure. This has resulted in a resurgence of interest among prospective buyers and has attracted newer audience for its motorcycles.

The Himalayan Sleet

Inspired by mountains, built to inspire the explorer within

The Sleet is the all-new variant of Royal Enfield’s versatile adventure touring motorcycle, Himalayan. Designed and purpose-built for adventure touring and exploring the Himalayas, Himalayan’s long travel suspension, natural upright riding position, dual purpose tyres combined with agile handling and a durable engine add up to a comfortable ride, whether it’s on the highway, city streets, or remote mountain roads.

The Himalayan Sleet while retaining the existing versatility of the original Himalayan, sports a new camouflaged grey colourway, which is inspired by the pattern of Royal Enfield’s spiritual home - the Himalayas, its craggy land, gorges and edgy peaks. Strengthening its adventure touring proposition, an exclusive range of first 500 Himalayan Sleet pre-fitted with an explorer kit was launched online for sale on Royal Enfield website. The explorer kit contained an assortment of Royal Enfield's motorcycle accessories including aluminium panniers, pannier mounting rails, aluminium handlebar with cross brace and an engine guard.

The initial 500 units of Himalayan Sleet prefitted with an explorer kit went on sale on the Royal Enfield website. All 500 were sold out within a few hours of the commencement of the sale highlighting the interest level for the motorcycle.

The Classic Stealth Black and Gunmetal Grey

Celebrating Royal Enfield's long-standing association with the Indian Army

Royal Enfield, the preferred motorcycle of the Indian Armed Forces, launched two colour variants of its best-selling Classic motorcycles – the 500 Stealth Black and the Classic 350 Gunmetal Grey. The Gunmetal Greymetal variant has received a fantastic response from customers and is one of the best-selling colours in the Classic 350 franchise.

The Classic Stealth Black carries forward the brand’s association with the Indian armed forces. A team of 15 Black-Cat commandos from NSG (National Security Guard) rode the Stealth Black motorcycles on an epic 8,000 kms motorcycling expedition across 13 Indian states to spread awareness against terrorism. The Classic Stealth Black was launched with stealth black gear range of apparel that received good response from the customers.

The Thunderbird X

Purposed for cities, towns and beyond. Chock-full of personality.

Thunderbird X is Royal Enfield’s new factory-built, custom-inspired motorcycle designed for urban explorers. Featuring alloy wheels and tubeless tyres, a first for Royal Enfield, the Thunderbird X has a distinctive attitude. Its ‘gunslinger’ styled seat coupled with the new grab-rail and shortened rear mudguard creates custom-style statement and gives a cleaner, less cluttered look. The blacked-out theme is uniformly carried over to components like the silencer, front forks, side covers, headlamp cover, indicators and grab-rail. The Thunderbird X will be available in four new colours – Getaway Orange and Drifter Blue for the Thunderbird 500 X and Whimsical White and Roving Red for the Thunderbird 350 X. Thunderbird X was extremely well received by Royal Enfield customers and is paving the way for younger customers to become the part of the iconic Royal Enfield family.

The Thunderbird X was launched simultaneously across 418 stores across India in a single day driving in a lot of consumer awareness for the motorcycle.

Vintage Store

Vintage Store allows for easy discovery and access to pre-owned Royal Enfield motorcycles with the advantage of quality tested and certified motorcycles. The customers at Vintage stores will be assured of a hassle-free experience and will make Royal Enfield motorcycles more accessible to riders and enthusiasts.

A place where epic motorcycling journeys, experiences, and stories will never end and will be passed on from one owner to another.

A first-of-its-kind initiative in the two-wheeler industry, the Vintage Store is a unique concept that allows for easy discovery and access to pre-owned Royal Enfield motorcycles with the advantage of transparency in process and pricing. The store will exclusively deal in three lines of business – ‘preowned’ for buying and selling of pre-owned motorcycles, ‘refurbished’ for refurbishing motorcycles as per requirements using genuine spares and parts and ‘restored’ where vintage motorcycles can be restored to their original condition.

It will be a trusted platform where existing Royal Enfield owners can upgrade, aspiring brand enthusiasts can own, and Royal Enfield aficionados can grow their vintage motorcycle collection. The stores will have trained Royal Enfield technicians to undertake a 92-point quality check that would guarantee quality assurance and reliability.