To encourage, enable and kick-start the active lifelong pursuit of exploration.

Royal Enfield is one of the world’s fastest growing midsegment motorcycle manufacturer that has disrupted the status quo in the market by creating a new category of leisure motorcycling. Our motorcycles are built to be timeless, nonextreme, uncomplicated, and engaging and are good for on-road as well as off-road and adventure purpose. Besides manufacturing evocative and unintimidating modern classic motorcycles with timeless appeal, Royal Enfield has focussed on building an entire lifestyle associated with it through its large communities, motorcycling events, differentiated retailexperience and versatile gear collection. The entire purpose of our brand is to create an experience for our customers such that the passion for pure motorcycling becomes deeply entrenched in their lives. We do not just want our customers to ride a machine; we want them to live it, enjoy it and make beautiful memories. Whether it’s an amateur rider or a roadhardened one, a loyal or a new one, we want to provide each one of them a truly remarkable experience.

Royal Enfield motorcycles are designed to reignite values that people desire - authenticity, tactility, craftsmanship, physical experience and active pursuit. We intend to deliver this by:

Ensuring that we ourselves are authentic in our approach and interaction to assist customers in making the right purchase decisions

Making motorcycles timeless in sensibility and appeal, yet approachable and affordable

Serving all relevant areas around the motorcycle products and services with similar approach, to make the wholesome experience of motorcycling pleasurable – thereby delivering a 'Pure Motorcycling' experience.