Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield's objective is to disrupt the existing status quo by creating a new category in motorcycling globally - one that heralds a return to fun and evocative mid-size motorcycling (where motorcycling refers to owning, riding, caring for, and living with a motorcycle). These motorcycles are built to be timeless, uncomplicated, engaging, and accessible motorcycles for the city, as well as great touring/adventure/sporty motorcycles. They are not extreme in any way which means that each of these motorcycles is good to use in a variety of occasions and nearly all conditions. It also means that the motorcycles are built to give maximum pleasure at regular road-going speeds, and that they are fun for novices as well as experienced riders.

Royal Enfield motorcycles are intended to bring back values that many people yearn for in the modern sterile context- authenticity, tactility, craftsmanship, physical experience and active pursuit. We will deliver that by firstly ensuring that the company itself is authentic in its approach and interactions; the motorcycles we make will be timeless in sensibility and appeal, yet approachable and relatively affordable and encourage the owner to be hands-on. We will serve all relevant areas around the motorcycle- products and services with the same approach, in order to make the wholesome experience of motorcycling pleasurable- thereby delivering a 'Pure Motorcycling' experience.


The Bullet 500 marked by the iconic, handcrafted design of the legendary Bullet has stood the test of time since its launch in 1932. It has the unique distinction of being the world's longest running production model. The new Bullet 500 comes with a 500cc carbureted UCE engine, a powerful torque, front disc brakes, new rear gas shock absorbers, a pillion backrest and an electric start to ensure comfort, convenience and stability on the road. The Bullet's association with the Indian Army and its endurance over the decades are testimony of its toughness and dependability. The Bullet has earned a bonafide post in automotive royalty.

Meera Rajendran

  After owning the Royal Enfield Bullet, I have not had enough of it as I ride on 45 weekends out of 52 either solo or with my riding group.The Royal Enfield Bullet is an iconic motorcycle and it has been synonymous with toughness and dependability that is why it has stayed relevant to successive generations. The motorcycle is a seamless combination of iconic design philosophy with relevant modern technology. The Bullet invokes a great sense of pride amongst the owners and I always feel I am ready to go on a ride. The experience of motorcycling with a Royal Enfield Bullet draws a lot of passion, enthusiasm and conversation. 


The Classic retains the quintessential classic British styling of the 1950's; simple, harmonious, proportioned and finished. Available in 350cc and 5000cc displacement and clothed in a disarmingly appealing post war styling, this promises to be the most coveted Royal Enfield in history. For those who want it all. The power, the fuel efficiency, the reliability and simple, yet drop dead gorgeous classic styling. The Classic turns heads not because it wants to but because it can't help it. You will appreciate the beat not just for the music it creates but also for the muted feeling of strength and power that it signifies. The view is simply better when you are astride a Royal Enfield Classic 500 – whether moving or still. Nothing more to be said.

Deepak Singh

  I fell in love with the Royal Enfield Classic as it has a simple, elegant British motorcycle design. Inspired by the Royal Enfield J2 model that was popular in the 1950's, the Classic has a comfortable upright seating position that gives the rider a very majestic stance while riding on the road. The timeless design language gives the motorcycle a very distinctive look on the road, making it one of the most popular models from the Royal Enfield stable.  


Royal Enfield Thunderbird, India's most definitive highway cruiser is designed to enhance the pleasure of leisure motorcycling amongst the touring enthusiasts. Available in 350cc and 500cc engines, equipped with a 20 litre fuel tank, LED ring endowed headlamp and tail lamps, the bike is every rider's ideal mate for comfort cruising on a long, endless highway. A separately mounted removable pillion seat built to accommodate luggage, high rise handlebars ergonomically designed for optimal reach, forward placed foot pegs and a low seat height are enablers in making the Thunderbird a "touring friendly" motorcycle. With touring enthusiasts forming the core of Royal Enfield's customer base, the Thunderbird gives them more power, comfort and style for long-distance riding.

Pavan Bidappa

  The Royal Enfield Thunderbird is my second Royal Enfield motorcycle. The Thunderbird is easily the best highway cruiser available in India market right now. The motorcycle has by far the most comfortable seating, amongst any other brand of motorcycles right now and its perfectly designed handlebars ensure that the ride is comfortable over long distances on the highway. The front fork suspensions, taller front and rear wheel tires enable the rider to go through broken roads very comfortably. The Thunderbird also has good stopping power and along with hazard lamps, the motorcycle is well equipped to make the rider feel safe on the highways.  


The Continental GT is the inimitable poster boy of the café racing culture, a phenomenon which is now more than half a century old. The GT is an iconic classic sports motorcycle.

Powered by the tested and upgraded 535cc single-cylinder, air-cooled Unit Construction Engine (UCE) with a re-mapped ECU and lower inertia, the Continental GT delivers that extra punch and responsiveness which is central to the café racer character. It is equipped with low set handlebars and rear set foot pegs enabling a crouched down riding posture - just the way café racers like it. It lends a fun, youthful and sporty air to its rider. Its double cradle frame makes it highly responsive and great fun to ride through the back-roads and twisties. The Pirelli Sport Demon tyres provide excellent grip, and the Brembo brakes give outstanding response and stopping distance. With a simple and customisable machine at its core, the Royal Enfield Continental GT is a fitting ode to motorcycling's finest era – the Swinging Sixties.

Maurice Leniham

  I wanted to purchase a motorcycle that had a lot of retro style and that was also different to the other motorcycles that my friends own. I was considering to buy a second hand motorcycle before I saw the Continental GT and got hooked. It’s a great classic looking cafe racer with all the right genuine design elements and with all the modern luxuries like an electric start and fuel injection and disc brakes. It’s also a quite a light machine. It has kick start – you don’t get that with other modern motorcycles. Whenever I am on my Continental GT I get so many comments from everyone when I stop – asking me if its an old bike and commenting on how cool it looks. The sound of the thump of the single cylinder is a great sound and I take it out to ride during weekends.  


The Himalayan is Royal Enfield's first ever completely ground-up motorcycle, built to provide the purest motorcycling experience in the Himalayas. A grounded stance, terrain tested suspension, dual purpose tyres combined with agile handling make for the perfect ride both on and off the road as it readily complies with the terrain it traverses. It is powered by LS410 single cylinder, 4-stroke, a strong low end torque to clear obstacles and wide useable power to suit a variety of terrains and conditions. The Himalayan is built on a duplex split cradle frame and has low seat height, upright handlebars and footpegs work in perfect sync to unite the rider with the motorcycle for a comfortable upright posture. The inherent mounting points in the front and back let you strap up and set off anytime, while the LCD instrument cluster keeps track of miles to maintenance. Definitely worth the wait. The Himalayan is the much-anticipated harbinger of adventure touring in India.

Abid Javed

  I have been riding a Royal Enfield for more than a decade now as I love going to the hills on my motorcycle. I have been eagerly waiting for the Himalayan and I was gifted the motorcycle recently by my wife. I have already taken the Himalayan to Nepal and I enjoyed riding it across a variety of terrains. It is a completely new motorcycle from Royal Enfield with a new LS 410 engine that I felt was adequately powered and retained the Royal Enfield character. The Himalayan is a versatile motorcycle that can go on any sort of terrain, and yet it is comfortable to ride on city roads as well. The Himalayan has opened up a new category for many adventure touring enthusiast like me and I feel that it will encourage many more people to get into the Royal Enfield way of motorcycling.