I don’t want to spend my life in front of a screen. I don’t want to spend my life reading about the experiences of others; I want to have my own. I want to follow the journeys and not the destination. Every time I ride out, it makes me realize there is no greater pleasure or feeling than that of oneness with my motorcycle and the terrain through which I ride. I have found a way of life that fills me with real, authentic experiences.
I call it pure motorcycling.

A fundamental experience of life, authentic and real. Connecting at a sensory level with your innermost self and your surroundings. Not being dependent on approval or endorsement from others. Steering clear of the artificial, the superficial, the superfluous and the contrived.

Motorcycling includes riding, owning, maintaining, caring, and workmanship - as an active pursuit. Focusing on the essentials and not the excess. Not transforming but reconnecting with the purity of the experience. Engagement with machine and terrain.