Royal Enfield is striving to provide an immersive retail experience for its customers that forms an integral part of the brand's core retail strategy, globally. Royal Enfield's innate philosophy of 'Pure Motorcycling' came to life as the new unified global retail identity rolled-out across Royal Enfield stores in India and to its exclusive stores in international markets.

The new retail format draws its inspiration from the brand philosophy to create an ambience similar to what would be found in the living room of an avid motorcycle enthusiast living room. In addition to Royal Enfield's entire range of motorcycles, the space is designed to showcase the brand's complete range of Gear that includes - apparel and accessories, protective gear, including helmets, jackets, riding trousers, t-shirts, pit shirts, boots, gloves and much more.

The new stores display an interesting visual merchandising format and innovative product displays, which include the use of bits and bobs from Royal Enfield motorcycles. A full-blown wall display of a stripped-down Continental GT showcasing the bike's internals and frame depicts machine love where the rider derives sensory joy through tactile interplay with his motorcycle. The space has been designed not just as a point of purchase but as a meeting point for enthusiasts and for conversations around motorcycling.

Throughout 2015, Royal Enfield has been working closely with its dealers in India to convert almost all its stores to reflect the new look. A big step ahead for Royal Enfield, the new face of its stores have created a benchmark in motorcycle retail.

This new retail identity extends itself to every aspect of the Royal Enfield ownership experience. The service centers are also designed along the same lines.

The new-look Royal Enfield stores have driven in more enthusiasts and target customers through its doors, resulting in increased footfalls. It has also led to better appreciation of the products in context of the brand world and the classic motorcycling inspired lifestyle.

  Royal Enfield's new brand retail identity truly evokes an international store appeal. The store has an excellent display of the gear which is indicative of how much the company cares for the customer's safety and is also looking at adding more options to the safety gear. 

Naveen Kachru

  As a part of their new retail identity, Royal Enfield stores have significantly bettered its customer experience like a global brand. The new stores offer an engaging experience to customer in marrying the motorcycles to the apparels and accessories. The stores follow the same visual language which makes it relevant to a customer in Kolkata or in Madrid or London and it makes the brand more appealing and accessible to newer set of customers. 

Aditya Pandey